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Innovation centers designed to support entrepreneurship such as incubators
technopoles, are flourishing all over Africa.
They are valuable and necessary relays of development and enable African
innovators to considerably reinforce their chances of success in creating
sustainable and job-creating businesses.
These structures, generally quite young and with different levels of
professionalism, can be isolated and lack the appropriate resources to grow.
Financing these structures, like the start-ups they accompany, remains a major
difficulty and represent a constraint on innovation.
Banks and private investors shun from financing the risky first steps of an
entrepreneurial journey, whereas public policies are too often ill-adapted to the
realities of these innovators.
Faced with this observation, the Agence Française de Développement
(AFD) and a consortium of African incubators and French structures involved
in innovation have launched Afric‘innov.
The program’s objective is to help professionalize support to structures for
entrepreneurship in Africa, through capacity building nd networking.
During 3 years, this project will test different support services for innovation
hubs and new seed funding mechanisms.

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