BEEA Invest 2019 Call For Application

BEEA invest 2019 is an opportunity for startups and companies to gain access to, engage and unlock investment deals from some of the world’s most renowned  investors and philanthropist including some of Silicon Valley’s top  investors. Through this program, startups and companies will gain access to investment capital; which is the primary purpose of this business visit, mentorship opportunities, unlock strategic partnerships through B2B meetings,  gain visibility for their brand on the US market where the show is streamed to a highly targeted segment of the population and have the possibility of moving their brands from national to global brands, and from companies to the next unicorns.

The TV show will hold in California in March 2019 hosted by The Great Disruptors and attended by more than 30 top notch selected investors flying in for the same event from   Canada, Europe, Dubai to meet those in the USA all with ready investment capital looking to seal deals from medium to large ticket sizes of millions of dollars. This means the show also provides an opportunity for the startups and companies to WIN away the deals from investors.

Jointly organized by Evolve Media Holdings and The Great Disruptors ahead of the BEEA 2019 summit scheduled to take place in Cameroon from the 12th to the 14th of June, this is part of their strive to give more visibility to African startups and companies on the international scene while at the same time resolving the key problem of access to capital.

For the three days, the companies will be fully immersed in the most innovative environment on planet earth; the Silicon Valley and receive the hottest overview of trending companies. Our attendees include investors, CEOs, board members, C-level executives, Heads of strategy, business unit leaders, other senior level corporate executives, entrepreneurs, etc. And our audience for the show spends across the United States.

Though our primary focus is startups, we belief that larger companies create greater immediate impact in the society especially when they are able to employ 100+ workers. In this light, we are keen to give them an opportunity to grow larger and expand their market, why not become the next unicorn.


Eligible Regions: Open to all

Program location: United States

-Funding/ investment capital
-strategic partnerships

Application process: Apply online on the BEEA official website using the link provided on this call no later than the 5th of February 2019 at 11.59 (UTC-6)

About The Great Disruptors

The Great Disruptors (TGD) is an impactful television series that features top, high net-worth-global business entities, government and foundation leaders and philanthropists who seek to invest in the world’s meaningful inventions, products, services and campaigns to help influence the way we live, work and play, as a result it transforms the way we do business, interact and socialize.

TGD is a movement to solve world issues such as health, wellness, science, energy, ecological stability, sustainability, global warming, clean water issues and solutions to combat social problems such as poverty, prison overcrowding, human trafficking, hunger, disease, and universal primary education.

Their main mission is to provide a multimedia platform to empower social impact entrepreneurs by engaging investors and public viewers to participate the interactive show and ownership of companies presented in the show.

About Evolve Media Holdings

Evolve Media Holdings  was born out of a desire to give visibility to startups, bridge the gap between startups/companies  and investors and to work towards reducing the incident of startup failure through targeted content. It is the mother company of Evolve Magazine, Evolve TV  and Evolve News paper with main mission to build stronger startup and investment ecosystems

About the BEEA summit

 The Building entrepreneurial ecosystems in Africa  (BEEA) 2019 summit scheduled for the 12th,13th and 14th of June 2019 in Cameroon under the main theme: unlocking Africa’s growth potential is a prestigious annual conference series aimed at regrouping key stakeholders around the entrepreneurial, investment and startup ecosystem topic.

The 2019 BEEA edition will gather key players from more than 20 countries including government delegations, high-profile African leaders, project developers, startups, financial institutions and international investors.

The 3-days event will provide a unique platform to gain strategic knowledge about local and international investment opportunities, Startups, the key role of strong ecosystems and business networking. High-level speakers and global investors, outstanding African startups and pitching as well as deal-making will top the agenda

Eligibility criteria for startups/companies

-Must be able to be coached

Must have revenue

-Must have raised some money

-Expenditure must be clear and projected with chats at the time of submission

-Should  already know your customers

-Must demonstrate to have a strong team

-Must have an impact on the society through the problem they are solving and the opportunity

-State clearly the barriers to market entry

-If there is a patent specify

-Should be able to pay a non refundable application processing fee of USD 75

-Should be willing to cover the cost of their trip to and from California (we can decide to cover part of the cost but we do not wish to offer any guarantees in this regard at the moment. Therefore we advice all interested applicants to be prepared to cover the full cost of their trip)

Selected applicants will be contacted a week after the close of applications with further details on how to proceed with travel and other arrangements.

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